The National Botanic Garden of Wales

On our recent trip to Wales we were very lucky to be shown around the stunning National Botanic Garden of Wales by our friends Colin & Natasha who is very fortunate to work there. Natasha is the Head of Conservation and Research you can read more about her work here

You may not know this about me but I love plants, I find them very exciting. I'm not really good a remembering their species names, I sometimes come close to remembering the Genius. However, it thrills me to be around plants I especially have a super soft spot for botanic gardens.

Extraordinary architecture, at one with the landscape
Amazing glasshouse roof span
Winding pebbled Rill
Pebble-lined fountain
Lichen Covered Chairs

I would so recommend a visit to National Botanic Garden of Wales, it is in the most beautiful setting with an amazing plant collection, imaginative planting and landscaping and stunning glasshouses. In fact the great glasshouse was designed by Norman Foster and is the largest single span glasshouse in the world. 

It was a real joy to explore, especially with friends that share so much love, enthusiasm and knowledge about the gardens.

Emma xx

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