How To Bake by Paul Hollywood : New Book Yummy Recipes

As you can probably tell I love baking. As a BIG fan of The Great Brtish Bake Off and have become a admirer of Paul Hollywood's baking knowledge

This is a fantastic book if you like simple straight forward recipes and stunning food photos. They are many recipes to choose from basic breads, flavoured breads, sourdough, danish, cakes, puddings, and a few tarts and pies. Here's a few to tempt you.

Today I tried my first recipe from this inspiring book, wraps.

Here's a few snaps of the fun I had today making them.

A very easy recipe to follow, also it's very easy to make a floury mess in the kitchen too when rolling them out! It takes a while to roll and cook them all but oh and they are so worth it, they are so soft and tasty.

We will be having them for dinner tonight wrapping up chilli, guacamole, tomato salsa and maybe some mozzarella, mmmmm sounds good.

Emma xx

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