kapitza: geometric & organic

I can't remember how I came across these mind blowing books, but one look and I knew I had have them. I have been playing with idea of designing my own fabric for some time. I have been doing lots of thinking and looking at art and pattern designs, forming in my head what kind of motifs, patterns, colours I would love to bring together. These two stunning books are mainly for inspiration, oh but they are so pretty I love to just peruse through them with wonder at the colours and patterns. They feel good too, made with matte 140g/m2 paper. 

Geometric is a bit hard to come buy, but you can get Organic from Kapitza website along with many of their amazing fonts and a geometric app. Here you can also find out more about the talented sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza.



I can't recommend these two inspiring, stimulating, beautiful books highly enough.


Emma xx

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