Rainbow Blanket

Hello :D

I've been working on crocheting a rainbow granny stripe blanket over the past few months. This rainbow wool is self stripeing, it has such love depth of colour and is easy to crochet too. It was a happy accident that the original chain was the perfect length for the stripes to come together so well.

There is another blanket I abandoned here its the same pattern but with no change of coloured stripes. I hope to finish the both very soon, I'll show you final colourful wonders then.

Hope you like it,

E xxx

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Update: this is called Teksrena 100% Wool Yarn Rainbow, I found it here on Ebay


  1. where can i get that yarn???? I LOVE rainbows

  2. Hi :D this is called Teksrena 100% Wool Yarn Rainbow. You will have to do a web search not that nuch around.

    Emma :D:D:D



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