Joining the world of Blogging - A new handmade life

Me in my already ready to go craft room
Ok I'm a little late in the blogging game, but I'm super excited. I have loads of ideas on what to do, write about, giveaway and most of all share. Sharing is the best part. I should really write these ideas down, I don't really have the most reliable brain.

In about 4 weeks I will be losing my full-time job in science, it was only a 2 year contract but I was really hoping to stay longer. So not for the first time I have had to rethink what to do with my life again. I've just always wanted to find my niche, something I'm good at, a specialism.

Then one day like Dorothy Gale in the Wizard Of Oz I realized I didn't have to look that far, I’ve had it all the time in my own back yard.

So I’m going into the full-time handmade bag making business. I'm going to build on my knowledge & experience of making and selling bags over the past 6 years on Etsy. Until now it’s only been a very happy hobby, but now I'm ready to step it up.

Over the next few months I’m going to do lots of thinking, planning & coffee drinking to see how to take the big step forward into being my own boss and hopefully make a living doing what I love & enjoy - sewing.

This blog is my first step in many,

Emma :D:D:D

p.s this is sooooo exciting
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  1. You've been an etsy favorite of mine for several months. Your work is darling! I sew a bit, mostly zipper pouches, and I hope one day my work will look as professional as yours. Good luck in all you do...

  2. Oh thank so much sweet June, your very kind :D:D:D

  3. It will be awesome. I am soooooooooooo excited for you. You were born to be a crafting domestic goddess, sewing and baking and hanging out with your oh so fab crafting friends. xxx

    Take a look at my blog - its rubbish, but I'd be chuffed if you left me a comment!

  4. Hi Emma, I wish you much success! And your craft room looks fabulous. I wish mine was that organized....
    Where abouts is Yorkshire? I am going to the UK this summer for the first time. Looking forward to it!
    I also sell on Etsy. I make jewelry among the sea of a million Etsy jewelers.

  5. Thank you Danielle, your very kind. I live near York. Have wonderful trip, I would love to go to Canada, I have a friends that went there on their honeymoon. The pictures looked amazing. Good luck with Etsy shop too :D:D:D



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