Snowflake Christmas Cake

It's a bit after christmas, plus this cake has all been eaten now. However I just wanted to share with you the baking and decorating of our snowflake christmas. I was very pleased with the final effect of the cake. I also rolled out the marzipan and foundant very thinly as Hubby it not a big fan of either. It is a very tasty & moist cake, I used Nigella's christmas cake recipe from the Domestic Goddess for the small christmas cake. I baked the cake back at the end of October so it would mature and I could feed it small wee drams of Spainish Brandy every week. I enjoyed every slice, christmas cake is one of my favorites.

Jewel like dried friut socked in brandy over night

Creamed butter, sugar and egg

Flower and mixed all spices

What a sticky mixture

Vintage cake tin lined and ready to go
Hot out if the oven

Getting wrapped in lots of foil for a few months

December time to decorate

Fondant snow flake cutter

Finished decorated Cake

Some plain, some covered in sparkly sugar

Again I most say I love christmas cake, can't wait until next year.

Emma xxx

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