Wall Space : animalsleep by Daria Tessler

I've decided to do a new posting about new artists I have discovered and admire. Wall space is a nod to the fact I wish I had more around our home to display art work along with the money to buy more.

The first such inspiring artist is Daria Tessler or animalsleep. Based in Portland, OR, her work draws you into a magical, fun, enchanting and abstract world. I love the warm inviting colours of her screen prints, the magical creatures, landscapes and stories hand drawn in pen and ink that show such a stunning attention to detail.

You can see more Daria's amazing art work's here:
Etsy store: animalsleep

the lagoon

from Study Group Magazine #1

for giant robot tree show

block parade

the forest bed

Hibernation station

sea serpent screenprint

Jamadoodle silkscreen

infinite spiral screenprint

twin star screenprint

moths socks ll

the gryphon silkscreen

midnight skylight paddleboat ride silkscreen

moon phases faces

Oh how I wish I could own them all, aren't they simple awe-inspiring? Enjoy

Emma xx

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