Welcome To My Craft Room

Ahoy Ahoy!

I'm so excited I finally get to share my craft room with you all. Its my very special happy place. I spend many a lost hour here among my treasures, nik naks, fabric stash, endless supplies and notions, draws and tins full of goodies and Leela my sewing machine.

Craft book and my pet sheep.

The cutting table/storage, here I can keep all my stash and made up item tidy.

Grand view, hubby built this all for the craft room. Its the perfect work space.

I love to keep all the business cards I get.

Mushroom corner & Ponyo.

Pom poms and other assorted goodies.

My small beaker collection for pencils, pens and what nots.

The peg board made by my hubby, a very useful place to hang pretty stuff.

All the shelves are decorated with my treasures.
Leela, she's a beauty.
You can see more pictures of my craft room here on my Flickr. It's feel so good to share this with you all.

I hope you like it :D

Emma xxx


  1. love it! it's like craft heaven. makes me wanna stay home + tidy up my sewing room too.

  2. Hey :D:D Thanks xx It not this tidy any more hehe :D:D



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